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TV co-host. Segment reporter. Health & Wellness guru. Creator of Healthy is Hot.

Adored for her genuine enthusiasm and positivity, Chloe Wilde emerged in 2013 as the winner of the Much VJ Search and has since brought her fresh perspective and outgoing personality to her role as a reporter for Canada’s #1 Entertainment Show, eTalk.

As Chloe asserted her presence in the Canadian entertainment industry, she has expanded her brand through her personal passions. Whether it’s through her website, Healthy is Hot, or co-chairing a prominent charitable organization, Chloe has garnered the respect of her industry peers and viewers alike.

It was a whirlwind that brought Chloe Wilde to the spotlight; one year she was knee deep in textbooks and the next a VJ at none other than Canada’s iconic MuchMusic headquarters in Toronto, only to be quickly swept up by E! Canada.

Chloe has an ability to connect with people almost instantly, whether the interview is serious in nature or requires witty banter, she can handle it all. She has interviewed some of the biggest names in pop culture; Joan Rivers, Kings of Leon, Daniel Radcliffe, 50 Cent, Jake Gyllenhal, and Julianne Moore, just to name a few. Whether it’s movies, fashion or music, Chloe has been there bringing viewers up close and personal at events such as TIFF, Toronto Fashion Week and the MTV video music awards. Never one to shy away from a last minute red-eye to LA or NY for the hottest blockbuster junkets, she has sat face to face with the cast of Tammy, That Awkward Moment and The Five Year Engagement.

With a knack and keen interest for science, she embarked on a path that earned her a B.Sc from McGill University in her hometown of Montreal. Working part-time for AskMen as a host for their webseries ‘The Daily Brief’, she was exposed to an entirely different world that sparked a dormant dream. MuchMusic scoured the country to find their next VJ through a reality show, and Chloe beat out thousands of applicants and made it to the top. An audition tape showed a typical day in her life and won audiences hearts immediately. Throughout the competition she was known as the resident sweetheart and by the end took home the coveted job.

Her time at one of the top universities taught her skills have molded her into the host she is today; a resilient, hard-working individual who will never shy away from wild adventures into unknown territory. With a heart of gold, Chloe has big dreams for making the world a better place, making science cool again and empowering young women. Whether it’s travel, fitness, food or celebrity focused, Chloe is an avid lifestyle television personality who is always willing to push the envelope, with a bright demeanor and a psychology background to back up her interview skills, she is truly a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry.