Music Mondays: Glass Animals

Happy Monday everyone! 

It is a grey, wet, icky day in Toronto. One of those days where staying in bed, watching movies with a cup of tea in hand would be fabulous. But alas, no  rest for the wicked and TV must still be made! 

The weather influences what I wear, how I feel and also the music I am drawn too. This morning I found myself walking to work in a black on black ensemble (which truth be told is not that different from a sun-filled day), listening to Glass Animals' debut album "Zaba." Their sound is oh-so dreamy and the perfect soundtrack for this morning's misty walk to work. 

Here is the first song I fell in love with:


Billboard Music describes them as: "Glass Animals, an Oxfordshire-based quartet with an ear for trip-hop and psychedelic indie pop" (Click here for the full article)

Dave Bayley, who makes up 1/4 of the group gave up his medical career to follow his heart and continue with Glass Animals. He switched out of medicine and completed a Neuroscience degree instead. 

Paul Epworth signed them to his label "Wolf Tone". This guy is massive! He's worked with the likes of Adele, Bruno Mars, Florence and the Machine and Foster the People. 

This past weekend I watched "Taken 3" and was blown away at the track that was playing during the opening credits. It was dreamy, psychedelic and calming all at once. 

Feast your ears on "Toes" my friends: 

Into it? Let me know.