An Intergalactic Moment with Afiya Francisco

Between NASA's updates that there is water on Mars and the Star Wars movie release date around the corner (December 18th!) it seems the entire world is having an intergalactic moment. 

When Toronto-based fashion personality Afiya Fransisco asked me to be a part of her most recent Style Guide, I was ecstatic and also quite nervous. Hear me out - I'm comfortable in front of the camera when it comes to my job at E!; interviewing celebs, working the red carpet and doing lifestyle shoots in the field... But modelling makes my heart race, palms sweat and surfaces all of my insecurities. With that said, Afiya and her team were unbelievably kind, warm and made me feel instantly at ease. 

To get "the shot" there are a lot of players behind the scenes...

This was the first time someone reached out and wanted me to be featured in their photo-shoot, so THANK YOU Afiya! It was eye-opening seeing her vision come to life, from the mood-board, to the styling and then of course, the finished product. 

After hair and make-up, it was time to step into the clothes and channel every lesson I've ever learned from Tyra Banks and all those hours of ANTM (the most important being = smize and H2T modelling). We started snapping away and didn't stop until we shot all of the looks inside the studio and even ventured outside to switch it up.

The picture below makes me wonder what it would like to have an identical twin... Oh the possibilities.

These were a few of my favourite shots from the shoot, make sure to check out the entire Style Guide below! 

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