X Ambassadors

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've no doubt heard X Ambassadors' hit single "Renegades" soaring through the air waves.  

The NY based quartet describe their sound as "alt rock with R&B soul and hip-hop sensibilities"; which is exactly why I LOVE them - they are an amalgamation of their favourite genres and are choosing not to entrench themselves in a single category. Moment of truth: I grew up loving bands like The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, Saosin, etc... Needless to say, it is beyond refreshing to have some alternative rockers poking their nose in a pop-saturated world. 

Their smash hit "Renegades" from their debut album VHS sky rocketed in part thanks to an endorsement from Imagine Dragons' front-man Dan Reynolds but mostly because of the catchy tune and powerful message. When lead guitarist Noah Feldshuh was asked about why Renegades resonated so much with listeners in a Music Times interview, he had this to say:

...I think the main reason it hit with people is because of the song. We have a blind member of our band, and he's a real inspiration to us. We wanted to share his story as well as the stories of others who defy the odds and break barriers, both social and otherwise, to have them accomplish amazing things. I think that's very applicable message to everyone, not just people who are "disabled." I think that resonated with a lot of people, or I hope it did.

- Noah Feldshuh

Casey Harris is the keyboardist in X Ambassadors and was born with Senior-Loken syndrome which affects a person's vision and kidneys, and as a result has been blind since birth. He plays alongside his brother Sam Harris (lead singer) and childhood friend Noah (lead guitarist). Adam Levin, an LA based drummer joined the guys in 2005. 

My other half surprised me for my birthday last night by showing up on my doorstep with our puppy in hand, all the way from Montreal. He sure knows how to make a gal feel lucky. Mark is not only the love of my life, he is also my best friend. One of the things we love doing together is sharing music with each other, especially since we are currently in the long-distance chapter of our life. On his drive from Montreal to Toronto he typically takes that time to check out new albums and said he had X Ambassadors' latest hit, "Unsteady" (happily) stuck on repeat.