Behind the lens: Junkets

YAY for another new monthly blog series! Behind the lens will shed light on the different parts of my job as a television personality and also highlight some of the amazing individuals involved in making TV magic. First up: junkets. 

Can I be honest?

Working in the television industry is a world I'm still learning how to navigate (it's not uncommon for my mom and I to still freak out that I get to do what I do), I like to think of the different skills you need as tools within my toolbox; a big imaginary box that I keep adding to as I continue to learn.

Confused? Hold tight. A few examples of "tools" include: live television, prompter reading, red carpets, sit down interviews, set tours, and junkets. Side note: my tool box is very fashionable; matte black with silver buckles and when I'm feeling saucy it gets bedazzled. I digress...

Junkets are a whole different ball game; you get flown to a major city like LA or NY to screen a movie, stay in a fancy hotel and the following morning interview the actors starring in the flick for a whopping 4minutes each, unless of course the studio is hella rushed and then you might get wrapped at 3minutes flat. This means you have 240 seconds to establish rapport with the A-lister, get key sound bites regarding the movie and ideally a cute off-the-cuff moment that has viral potential: no pressure.

And I LOVE it. Those who do junkets as their main gig call it "junketeering".

This past month I went to New York to interview Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney (engaged to Lady Gaga!) and Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones and Hunger Games for the upcoming psychological thriller, The Forest, which drops into theatres this Friday! 


Now that you're thoroughly intrigued, and may have even peed yourself a little bit... Let's change gears and talk about how BEAUTIFUL New York is during the holiday season. My neck hurt from craning it up every few blocks to take in all of the lights and snap some pictures along the way. 

New York is a magical place this time of year, there are festive lights along streets and in store windows, I even saw a gaggle of motorcyclists all dressed in Santa costumes! Here are some of my favourite shots, scroll down for festive snapshots!