Fit Fridays

When I started the blog this past summer, I wanted it to be a place where I could express myself freely so that one day when I am old and wrinkly I can look back and laugh at all of my silly life adventures and reminisce. I’m not old, and only starting to get wrinkles (hello expensive face creams, serums and fairy dust), so let’s continue on with adventures, shall we? 

Fitness is an extremely important part of my life. As a teen I hated what I saw in the mirror; the awful negative thoughts I would hurl at myself were mean, dark and hurtful. Those around me would say “but you’re so skinny”, when all I could think of was “you are disgusting”. There are so many statistics out there where women feel this way, or see themselves differently than they actually are. Being a teenager was hard, and my relationship with myself was a torturous one. It’s a relationship that still requires a lot of work, on a daily basis, but the older I got the more I tried to value my self-worth on things other than how I “viewed” myself physically. It was tough then, and this is especially a difficult thing to achieve in 2015, when body image is talked about everywhere, where models sporting our favourite brands are genetically predisposed to be tiny and social media being as prevalent as it is. 

When the MuchMusic VJ Search started (the reality show that propelled me into the television industry), I was in a healthy place both mentally and physically. When I hopped on the tour bus and travelled across Canada my healthy habits fell by the wayside and I wasn’t taking care of myself properly and ended up losing too much weight for such a short period of time. We were on our second to last challenge in Ottawa before heading to Toronto to commence the live shows when my mom, younger brother and boyfriend all came to show their support and they were slightly shocked at my appearance from when they’d wished me off two weeks prior. With their help, and adopting the mindset that “healthy is hot”, I was able to take a step back and be more aware of feeding my body what it needed to be optimal. 

If you follow me on social media (@thechloewilde), you might have noticed that I typically include the hashtag #healthyishot in my fitness and health-related posts, part reminder for the world that healthy is worth striving for and part reminder to myself to take my own advice. I really believe that being healthy is what we should all aspire to be, rather than hope for a specific weight on a scale,  or fitting into a particular size. Being healthy comes in all shapes and sizes, each of which is equally beautiful. 

Join me in spreading this notion and please feel free to reach out if you want someone to talk to about this subject. I realize that this is a touchy, private and often scary subject to talk about, but please know you are not alone. 

Since fitness is such an important part of my life both physically and mentally, I am going to commit to posting a series called Fit Fridays on the blog where I’ll share my latest fitness obsessions, how to stay fit on the go, and any other subjects you may want me to explore. 

Stay tuned for the first one next Friday! 

-  Chloe

All photos thanks to 2 awesome photographers:  Tyler Hayword  (@tilore)  & Natalia Allen  (@amillionminds)

All photos thanks to 2 awesome photographers:

Tyler Hayword (@tilore) & Natalia Allen (@amillionminds)