Reading with Friends 2.0

Winter is here and it is cold. Brrr. 

This is a perfect time of year to cozy up in bed with a cup of tea in hand and slippers on your feet with a great read. For this second edition of Reading with Friends, I asked my long-time friend Kat to share her favorites! Kat and I have known each other since we were incredibly unfashionable 6th graders rocking blue eye-shadow and wearing matching outfits on the regular. Proud to report that we've graduated to neutral hues of eye-shadow and we've retired our matching Champion tear-away pants. Those were just asking for trouble. 

Born and raised Montrealer with a passion for scented candles, working out, laughing with friends and the combo of delicious food and tasty wine.

Born and raised Montrealer with a passion for scented candles, working out, laughing with friends and the combo of delicious food and tasty wine.


# 1: Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian

This is an inspiring book about Khloe Kardashian and her recent transformation with her body, mind and heart. The reader is introduced into the hardships the star went through, and how exercising her body and getting stronger made her mind and heart both strong enough to get through them and the happiest she has ever been. While acting as a memoire for Khloe, this book sheds light on the ability to transform one’s mind and heart through being active, eating healthy and developing confidence as you do so. With everything from motivational quotes, to recipes, playlists to listen to while working out and insight to Khloe’s transformation, this book is truly a must read!! I personally love to dive into this book first thing in the morning while sipping my morning coffee to feel inspired for my day, or if I am too rushed in the morning (we all have those days!) I like to read this right before bed with a hot relaxing tea to plan my healthy strategy for tomorrow. The inspiration and concept of a healthy body creates a healthy mind makes this book is so more than any other “self help” out there- it is insightful, funny and will really drive you to hit the gym.

- Kat

# 2: The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life by Jane Buckingham

This book (or should I say manual) is a funny and informative read that will provide you with absolutely everything you need to know to get by in life. From tips to how to be a domestic goddess to fashion, men, sex, cooking, scoring your dream job, or easy breakdown of understanding finances, anything a woman should know but most probably doesn’t .. is in this paperback. I truly have enjoyed reading this at any hour of the day, and try to squeeze pages whenever I can... It is a book with loads of tips and tricks that will make you feel like you are learning how to literally, get better at life, which in turn makes you feel ready to take on anything. This is a book to read through but then keep close to be able return back to whenever you need and has been working for me!! I don’t think there is anything this book is missing- and reading it helps prepare you for anything life may have to offer that you wouldn’t have known how to cope with before hand. This is a keep in your purse type read- that you will not want to put away.

- Kat

Happy reading everyone!