Oh Wonder

Happy Monday everyone! 

As I was preparing for my weekly Music Mondays post I debated a couple of artists and landed on London-based duo Oh Wonder. These 2 do it all; the write, sing, produce, mix and master all at their in-home studio. Their sound is subtle, soft, dreamy and enchanting. Being a new group, they decided to do something a little different than most artists to gain traction - rather than work on an entire EP or album to release to fans, in September of 2014 they committed to releasing 1 track a month on soundcloud for an entire year. In an interview, they shed light on why this was something that appealed to them: 

"...mainly the reason is we had no time to second guess what we’re doing and we were always under pressure to deliver something we’re proud of. We can honestly say we’re proud of everything we’ve released which is amazing." - Anthony

Here's their latest music video, for "Without You"

You know when you listen to a new artist, or an album from start to finish and there's that one song that leaves you with a feeling, leaves you wanting more and leaves you wondering? The lyrics of "White Blood" did just that. 

White Blood is not only a beautiful song to listen to and get lost in, but the origin of its' creation is an inspiring and heartfelt story. When a fan knew he'd be visiting England, he reached out to the musical duo and asked to go for coffee with them, they met and he shared that their music helped him when he was undergoing chemotherapy and had a brain tumour removed. 

"...we were really moved by him and "White Blood" was written about anybody and everybody that has experienced something as devastating as cancer, or any kind of sense of loss in whatever way. And celebrate the importance: being that for someone, being somebody's white blood. it was a really special and personal song for us an edit make it feel like we were his white blood in some way" - Anthony & Josephine

Please share this beautiful song with anyone going through a difficult situation <3

A couple of my other favourite tracks: 

Lose It