Part of me always wanted to venture into journalism and entertainment ( as a kid I made my mom sit in and watch as I acted out my scripted shows using my teddy bears as my cast mates) but I never really thought it would ever happen. Life's funny like that. 

On Father's day every year, cards are signed, hugs are given out... and then there's also the biggest block party of the year in down town Toronto that shuts down streets and brings fans from far and wide up close and personal to some of the biggest stars. Also known as, the MMVAs

The states kill it as far as award shows, every couple of weeks there seems to be an event somewhere, with a mile-long red carpet, media crews dangling their mic flashes in the publicist's peripheral vision to snag an interview, and photogs aggressively yelling celebrities names in hopes of snapping the perfect pose. In Canada, we get 3; the Junos, the CSAs and the MMVAs. The Much Music Video Awards are on my turf, at the infamous 299 Queen Street building in Toronto. And this year, it's 26th year, I was asked to host the outrageous red carpet special. 

Live television is a rush. The adrenaline coursed through my body as I went from interview to interview, with teens on the sidelines screaming so loudly I thought my ears were going to bleed, trying to focus on the talent while absorbing what the control room team was telling me through my ear piece and taking into consideration the counts I had left from my floor director... My university professors would have been proud at my level of focus (go me!). I won't bore you with every play-by-play of the show, but feel free to catch all the magic here

Photo by: George Pimentel

Photo by: George Pimentel