Music Mondays: Coleman Hell

This past weekend I discovered a Toronto based artist and his latest track "Two Heads." 

My partner showed me this track while we were driving to Canada's Wonderland on Saturday  and the first line drew me in like a mermaid to an ocean.


"There must be something in the water
And there must be something about your daughter
She said our love ain't nothing but a monster
Our love ain't nothing but a monster
With 2 heads"


Sometimes you come across tracks that are beautifully refreshing. Too often I flip through radio stations and sigh out of frustration at the lack of authenticity in music; too over-produced, too much like everything else out there, or just plain bad. 

But this? This is anything but bad. The combination of... 

his raspy voice,

the banjo, 

and the constant pulse from the bass line. 

will keep your toes tapping and shoulders swaying.