VIDEO: Making Maki at Kasa Moto

I've always loved sushi; there's something oddly perfect about the combination of raw fish, sticky rice and dried seaweed. Very odd. Yet absolutely divine. I especially loved the idea of going to sushi with my girlfriends to chat about life/boys/fashion/dreams during the Lauren Conrad era of The Hills.

When I go out for sushi, you better believe I'm wearing stretchy pants and am prepared to be rolled out of the restaurant. My love for sushi is a little bit of a lazy one, the only work I usually do is scanning the menu and ticking off boxes, and then waiting (im)patiently for it to be prepared.

As an independent woman, I figured it was time that I learn the art of making maki. 


Now that I've experienced first hand the effort and care that goes into making maki, I promise to try to wait patiently and slow down when eating to truly enjoy every bite. Every ingredient has a purpose, and the placement of each flavor is not accidental. Here I am with the chef of Kasa Moto in Toronto, holding up my prized chef d'oeuvre. (My oh my, it was delicious) 



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