Music Mondays: Years & Years

Caught these guys live at Osheaga this year and WOW. My roommate, Kate opened my eyes to their hit single "King" a couple of months back and I'm so glad she did. Kate is the queen of knowing what EDM music will blow up and I get to be cool and "in the know" via osmosis. ROOMIE PERKS! For example: Kygo, Viceroy and Robin Schulz. 

SIDE NOTE: I'll be creating running playlists going forward with some of my roomie's favorite dance/synth songs of the moment! Music is the only reason I can get through a 15km run. Who else is with me?! #healthyishot 

Years & Years is a British electronica band  from London, comprised of a keyboardist, a bassist and a synth player. The just dropped their debut album "Communion" this summer and so far it's being welcomed with open arms (I'm talking big bear hug type of open arms) into the musical community. Listen for yourself: 


I grew up when emo music was at it's peak, my mp3 player (oh boy, I'm officially dating myself...) was jam packed with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Emarosa, Saosin, Alexisonfire, and so forth. With running being such a big part of my life now, I've come to love heavy beats and synths that have the ability to give you goosebumps, and a bpm just high enough that I feel like I'm chasing it. I think that's why I'm so drawn to Years & Years... For me, they are such a beautiful amalgamation of two genres: electronic + indie rock. 

Want to read up more on these guys? Here are 2 interesting interviews I found:

  1. "It's sad we don't have gay popstars using male pronouns" - Digital Spy
  2. "Years and Years on crafting dance pop with indie rock edge" - Rolling Stone


What music are you super into lately? Let me know in the comments!