Putting my inner yogi in the spotlight

On Wednesday's I run. On one particular Wednesday, I let my inner yogi shine.

This nagging ankle injury is putting everything on a standstill BUT, I'm on the search for other forms of fitness to keep up. Plus, TIFF is coming up which means a whole lot of face-time in front of the camera. How am I supposed to celebrate with epic dance moves (like the fabulous one below) if my ankle is busted up?! 

The girls I run with have become some of my closest friends; we all trained for the Nike Women's 15km in the spring together and I guess when you see each other at the crack of dawn and sweat it out together, it brings you close. Plus, we all work in similar industries so we tend to cross paths more often than not at events. One event in particular followed our Wednesday run; a yoga session on the terrace of the Thompson Hotel in Toronto.

Look what we faced - an oasis in the middle of a bustling city!

It was a chilly night and part of me wondered if I should just bail out before we got started... In retrospect I'm so glad I decided to stick it out, the sun set and we were led through a yoga session and a lovely lady with a raspy voice on an acoustic guitar serenaded us.

To stay fit I often run and complement that with HIIT workouts, but I need to start taking some time every week to let my inner yogi take the spotlight.

It forces me to breathereflect, let my thoughts wander

We were treated to juices and fresh flowers on our way out. Left feeling very lucky and a little more centered. 

- Thanks to Shine PR for the invite!