Toronto's Club Monaco Market

When I moved to this city from Montreal I was (and still am a little) apprehensive about whether or not Toronto could feel like home. As the days passed and 1 month turned into 2 years, I slowly started to fall in love with the place referred to as the six! 

I've been to the downtown area many times, but today on the corner of Bloor and Avenue, I saw it in a different light. There was a market with multiple local artisans outside of Club Monaco. My senses feasted on beautiful floral arrangements, delicious treats, and freshly made chai lattes. In a city of 3 million, this high-traffic corner felt quiet and quaint while being simultaneously vibrant and buzzing with life. 

Come check out my adventure! 


Delicious treats from Parts & Labour, Boxcar Social, Bake Shoppe and Philips Ice Pops!


Rustic chic floral arrangements from Sweet Woodruff... 


... and Club Monaco is ALL about neutrals right now!

The market will continue throughout the summer and early fall, definitely check it out next time you are downtown Toronto. My personal favourite treat: Chai latte from the Boxcar Social set-up.