Music Mondays: Rudimental x Ed Sheeran

With Rudimental's sophomore LP "We The Generation" coming on this week on October 2nd, they released a teaser of Lay It All On Me featuring Ed Sheeran

This marks the second collaboration between the electronic 4 piece band and Ed Sheeran. "Bloodstream"  has a whopping 18.6 million views on youtube! Take a listen and you'll immediately understand why this track went viral. It's one of those songs that gets your body swaying, your toes tapping and your heart racing as the percussion kicks in at 1:15. 

My roommate used to blast Waiting All Night and Feel The Love, ll the time. Whether we were having a good day or a shitty week, we always knew that a dance party in the living room would make it all ok. They rocked in my apartment and when I got to see them live at Osheaga in 2013, they cemented a spot in my heart for life. The energy this group has on stage is contagious and the element of live instrumentation blows other electronic groups out of the water.