Fit Friday: New year, new hopes

Hey there 2016, here's a HIGH-FIVE. 

I'll never tire of high-fives, they might be one of my favourite forms of social communication. The opportunities are endless: ending a great run, making a delicious meal, getting a strike at bowling, almost stepping in dog poop and slyly avoiding it, and more recently, sinking ball after ball during beer pong (ok fine... sinking one ball). Even at work - before we start shooting a lifestyle piece with a local expert or doing an interview with an a-lister - I've been known to hold up my hand and hope the person on the other side will let their inner child rejoice in a simple (but oh-so fun) high-five. So, it's only natural 2016 should get one too. 

First day of the first year and it happens to fall on a Fit Friday - YAHOO!! 

Photo credit: Streets of Toronto

Photo credit: Streets of Toronto

2015 was filled with wild fitness opportunities: snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, completing my first 15km race, playing dodgeball on a hotel rooftop and waking up before the sun came up for killer H.I.I.T workouts. The adventures were incredible, but the friends I've made because of them, now that's the best part. 

Photo credit: Streets of Toronto 

Photo credit: Streets of Toronto 

When I was younger I loved running. Alone. I convinced myself it was healthy "me-time", but truthfully, looking back I think this was detrimental since I had uninterrupted time to ruminate on negative aspects of my life. I would tell myself I'd feel better afterwards but really it gave me time to fester and let my thoughts spiral. It used to be that fitness was a "must", because I wanted to look a certain way or burn off those extra calories I consumed.

Times have changed and my outlook on running is 100% healthier and happier - earlier this year I trained for my very first 15km race and couldn't have done it without the amazing group of girls in my group and our ever-energetic pacer, Paulina. I'm proud, and humbled to call these babes in the picture below some of my nearest and dearest. (A few notable babes missing from the picture: Christina Cheng and Simone Olivero)

L to R: Paulina, moi,  Meghan Young ,  Alyssa Garrison ,  Mel Hetu  

L to R: Paulina, moi, Meghan Young, Alyssa Garrison, Mel Hetu 

Running alongside these amazing ladies has completely changed my outlook on running with people, and fitness in general. For 10 weeks we woke up before the sun came up, laced up and hit the pavement running. We would chat about life, goals, opinions on various matters, the good, the bad and everything in between. In a world where women adorn their faces with make-up, it's beyond refreshing to be at ease with women in the media industry completely bare-faced, super sweaty and half-awake at the crack of dawn with the intention of living full, healthy and happy lives. Cue Beyonce's "Girls Run the World."

As I close the 2015 chapter of my life, I welcome 2016 with wide open arms and very high expectations on what I hope to achieve this year. But at the core, my goal is to lead a life filled with love, adventure and people that inspire me to be better and do better. I vote that we make that the #1 goal. 

Here's to many more smiles, and to a life where #healthyishot and women empower each other rather than tear each down. 

Photo credit: Jess Baumung

Photo credit: Jess Baumung