Suck it up, Princess

January in Toronto may be slightly warmer than Montreal, but darnit it is STILL cold! This past Sunday I went for brunch at The Drake with some of the 6's finest and afterwards we went on a hunt for the perfect backdrop for a mini photo-shoot (huge thanks to Lauren for snapping away in -15 degree weather). These girls are all cool cats individually,  but stick them all together and magical things start to happen. 

Stay tuned for some big things with these gals, my friends. 

Ok, so I'm smiling on the outside but truthfully I was shaking in my boots in these photos, but this gorgeous blue wall on Queen West begged to be photographed with crisp white rather than a bulky black winter coat. Sometimes you have to tell yourself "suck it up, princess" and do it for the 'gram. 

A little effort goes a LONG way on social media, and this is something I'm trying to implement into my own posts on a daily basis. If platforms are an extension of your work, your personality or your personal brand, then own it and do it with pride. Take a couple extra snapshots, try something new, and spread out your selfies people. 

Taking pictures gives me wild anxiety... Having someone easy going behind the lens makes the world of a difference!

Stay warm my friends! And remember, sometimes you have to suck it up, princess to get the money shot.