Fit Friday: Remember to breathe...


This is a pretty epic Friday. I'm actually in LA for the E! International Press Junket, which is where a ton of journalists from E! channels all over the world come to snag 1:1 interviews with some of the talent from the hottest E! shows. I'll share details and footage as soon as I can!


Everyone has those activities that they cycle in and out of: cutting out fast food, drinking more water, attempting to be less dependent on social media, saying no to one more cocktail, staying in touch with mom more... You get me. Ok, so when I was a broke-ass student at McGill University living off of perogies and muffins, I volunteered 4hrs/week at a yoga studio so that I could roll out my mat and sweat out 1L of sweat as often as I wanted to in hot yoga. Pretty. Sweet. Deal. Then I moved to Toronto and yoga got put on the back burner. It's like in Toy Story when Andy gets a shiny new toy, Buzz Lightyear, and he forgets how much fun he had with Woody... When the novelty of moving to a new city with bright lights, filled social calendars and high-heels wore off, that's when I realized I needed my Woody back. A little more yoga, a little more breathing. This is such a fast-paced life and it is so easy to go along with it without really taking it in. 

I'm happy to report that I'm officially back at it and my practice is becoming more cohesive and less like separate silos working at the same time. When I started I didn't understand what connecting your breath to your movement felt like. I could understand the physical aspect of it: exhale during certain bodily movements and inhale with others. Recently, there was a brief, magical moment where they connected, and I felt fluid. Not long ago I made the switch from hot yoga to power yoga, and now I laugh when I hear people say that 'yoga is just for relaxing' or 'yoga isn't really working out' - tell that to my sweat-soaked mat! As we dive into the weekend, I challenge you to focus on your breath; inhale to let dreams, kindness, hope and love in, and exhale the negativity, fear and stress out of your body.

Exhale so you can make more room for all of the good that comes with each new breath.