Feeling Full (literally and metaphorically)

It's 10am on Monday and I'm ridiculously full from last night's Thanksgiving feast still... Or maybe it was that delicious bowl of crack-corn I made as a midnight snack.

Crack-corn = homemade popcorn made in coconut oil, then covered in butter, hot chilli flakes and shredded cheddar cheese on top for good measure. 

This has been a magical long weekend, and not just because I had my favourite snack of all time, but because it was filled with genuine interactions with people who I genuinely care about. There are instances in Toronto when I am at industry events surrounded by more people than I could have ever imagined but somehow feel overwhelmed by loneliness. These are superficial encounters; the moments where you see people at events and catch up in 5minutes or less, maybe get photographed together or clink glasses as you celebrate whatever exciting adventure they just went on and then walk away only to bump into another person and start the cycle all over again. Don't get me wrong, these are all lovely people and I have nothing against them or our 5min sessions, but these types of encounters leave me a little empty and craving hearty conversations in places where I don't feel the need to be dressed up and "on". 

Reasons why my heart is full: 

  1. Had a mommy-daughter day with my puppy Echo on Friday where we strolled around suburbia chasing squirrels, exploring the waterfront and enjoying the crisp fall air. She also pooped twice which I was NOT expecting and I had to be that person... 
  2. Friday night some old high school friends and I went to a BYOW restaurant in Montreal where we reminisced about the ridiculous shenanigans we used to get up to when we were teens and sat in awe at how long it had been since we'd all been in the same room.
  3. Saturday the boy and I drove from Montreal to Ottawa to visit my mom and brother only to get stuck in traffic for 1.5hours. When I say stuck, I really do mean stuck in traffic - we had the car off. Normally this would irritate me but since we are in a long distance relationship it ended up being a really nice treat. Plus, we listened to Banks' new album which is da' bomb diggity. 
  4. At mom's we played scrabble and I lost (by a lot) but seeing everyone have such a good time made me feel like a winner. Cheesy, but true. 
  5. On Sunday the families joined forces (mine and the boy's) in Montreal where we gobbled down a classic Thanksgiving meal and ended the festivities by sitting on the edge of our seats as we cheered on the Blue Jays and watched Josh Donaldson show everyone up by running to home with a hurt hip. 

Those 5 reasons, plus my crack-corn, are the reasons why I sit here typing this with a heart ridiculously full. There is so much to be thankful for.