When friends become family

Happy Monday friends!

Last week was one of those weeks where my heart was racing every day, I wasn't sleeping enough, I committed to too many engagements and had a very busy workload with Etalk. I felt stressed, a little shaky and also... full of energy. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like a little stress in my life, a little too much on my plate, a schedule where more than 15minutes of free-time between commitments feel like an eternity. 

Once my work-week was done, it was time to host two of my oldest and dearest girlfriends who flew in to support me and the amazing work the rest of the Boobyball committee prepared for; Boobyball: Paradise City. We embraced the jungle theme, caught up over fajitas and wine at my apartment before heading to the event to dance our hearts out for an incredible cause aimed at women our age who are or may be affected by breast cancer. 

Photo by: Ryan Emberly

Photo by: Ryan Emberly

We woke up with sore feet and full hearts. I just want to take a quick minute to personally extend a huge thank you to EVERYONE who came out to support Boobyball and Rethink Breast Cancer. 

Brunch is one of my favourite meals, and when the sun shines bright with a high of 18 in the middle of October, you better believe I scoured the city to find a resto that embraced the warm weather and re-opened their patio to soak up a little vitamin D while enjoying avocado toast and scrambled eggs. Naturally we weren't the only ones with this brilliant idea so there was a 30minute wait to get a table on the patio...  We were HUNGRY (and slightly hungover) so I distracted the girls and Mark with a walk down Graffiti Alley to pass the time. Graffiti Alley is one of my favourite gems in the downtown core, it reflects how creative this city is, how raw the energy is and most importantly how vibrate the people are - even dingy alleys with garbage cans and recycling strewn about can be beautiful. 

After a quick photoshoot by the colourful works of street art thanks to my boyfriend being the best instagram-husband imaginable that day and devouring the best breakfast, we strolled through king west and somehow ended up at Sweet Jesus for some unnecessary but oh-so-social media friendly ice-cream before rolling ourselves home and letting our tummies digest on the waterfront with my puppy Echo. 

That night we ended up at another event (YOLO?) except this time we didn't party for boobs, we partied for books at a downtown library and embraced the theme of Heroes & Villains. 

Photo by Nick Lee

Photo by Nick Lee

It was an epic weekend. 

Now I need to sleep for 18hours.