Being Grateful

HEY GUYS! Just want to take a minute to share 3 things I'm grateful for as the weekend comes to a close and Monday creeps into our lives. 

#1 - Working with the Etalk team has been unbelievable so far, my first month with them flew by and we capped off last week with a great show! Need a dose of entertainment? Stream Friday's show here!

#2 - Took 2 hours to myself on Saturday morning and went to power yoga for a much needed recalibration session. I walked out feeling refreshed, centered and with less noise in my mind. Needless to say, I will be making a more conscious effort to have one on one time with my mat. 

Healthy is Hot.

#3 - Dancing the night away with my roommate, Kate, and close friend, Meghan at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto for an epic set by Sam Feldt. I have zero grace, and zero moves but my oh my is it fun to just let loose and literally dance like no one's watching. 

Here's one of my favourite tracks by Sam Feldt called "Show Me Love" -