We Day: Ottawa

On a day where the world needed a glimmer of hope, I found myself at We Day in our nation’s capital in front of 16,000 students from across the province of Ontario who are committed to changing the world and being positive forces for good in their communities.

This day, was November 9th, 2016; the day a man got elected into the highest position in office in the United States, with no previous experience in politics or military and who has on many occasions displayed disgust towards certain races, genders, sexuality and views on life. It was a scary day, one that many people will remember where they were and what they were doing. I am extremely grateful to have been at We Day in Ottawa, surrounded by change makers and introducing inspirational speakers from across the country. Our very own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped by to give a much-needed speech which instilled hope and passion on such a trying day. 

Here I am trying to keep my cool... In actuality I was freaking out, my hands were clammy and my heart was racing. 

AND THEN WE MET, after the most awkward hand-shake of my life because in the moment I forgot how to simply shake someone's hand... Not my smoothest moment. 

There are a lot of great speakers at We Day, some are celebrities like Paula Abdul, others are known inspirational speakers like Rick Hansen and then there are the student speakers who blow my mind with their courage to get up on stage and often share very personal, difficult stories. One of these such students is Annie. We met in Vancouver when she used her make-a-wish “wish” to speak at We Day and share her story.

This is the incredible Annie - 


Can we just take a minute and realize how incredible that is? She could have asked for anything and the foundation would have most likely found a way to make it happen, and yet her wish, her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was used to get in front of a crowd, stand on stage and share her story in hopes of spreading the message that we are all more than a label. As Annie says in her opening statement, she is a visual artist, a folk dancer, a martial arts artist, and she has cystic fibrosis. 

While waiting in the service line to meet Justin Trudeau, we ran into each other and neither of us could contain our excitement! 

It's amazing individuals like Annie that give me hope that we are all going to be ok, in this wild crazy world.