Relax & Recharge: harder than it seems.

Occasionally, it is ok to unplug. 

On paper, the idea of going on an all inclusive and taking a week off of work to soak in some sun, eat whatever your heart desires and spend some much overdue quality time with your partner in crime is unbelievable, but no one warns you that the very first day when you wake up in a new country with tropical themed comforters and curtains flooding your visual cortex and absolutely zero commitments other than to simply “relax & recharge”, that it might be a serious cause of stress and anxiety. 

Seems backwards, right? 

On day 1, Mark and I both experienced this unexpected and overwhelming stress of... not needing to stress about anything. It is important to note that we both love what we do, it’s why we work the hours we do and pour ourselves into it, but no matter how much you love what you do, I am learning that it is imperative to remember that taking a step back to focus on yourself, your relationships, is important. So there we were, lounging on blue beach towels draped over blue beach chairs, looking out at the endless ocean glistening in the sun with people all around us looking more zen than after a hot yoga class in Toronto, when I couldn’t hold in my freak out any longer and fessed up to Mark that I was sincerely struggling with the idea of just “hanging out” for seven whole days. To my relief, I was not alone. It was in this moment of honesty that we felt a shift; by addressing our apprehensive view of a week with nothing scheduled we were able to change our perception. We also made the small but unsurprising realization that we are both workaholics, proud workaholics in fact. 

Through our combined struggle on the notion of embracing a week of relaxation, we were able to start relaxing.