2 for 1 thanks to Rihanna and Drake

Before I start yapping away, WATCH the music video for Rihanna's first single off her highly anticipated album ANTI, which hit the internet with massive force earlier today. There's a surprise in store. 

Rihanna - Work (ft. Drake)

SO much to talk about. 

The fact that we get 2 music videos in 1 for the same song is perfection, because who listens to "Work" only once anyways? The first half was shot at The Real Jerk right here in Toronto, with Drake repping the 6 even more with his head-to-toe OVO sweatsuit.

QUESTION: How is he not overheating and sweating like a banshee? I guess when you're Drake you don't worry about things like that. 

Rihanna reminds me of Cleopatra in the first part, with her gladiator style gold sandals and her sharp blunt bob; she is commanding the dance floor and Drake is at her mercy. The amount of twerking in the video is very impressive, those ladies can move their bottoms in ways I didn't even know was possible. The year of the BUTT has crossed over into 2016 and I'm into it. 

The first half of the video had me salivating for delicious chicken, thirsty for a drink, wanting to dance the night away and bow down to Riri. Then they hit with you a second music video, where the vibe is more intimate with only Rihanna and Drake in the shot and the lights have shifted to a mood-inducing purple hue. Drake watches (and I'm assuming tries to keep his man-parts under control) as Rihanna dances seductively while she sings her lyrics in a mini skirt and see-through tank top. During Drake's bit we get some meme-tastic and ultra-adorable dance moves that have us reminiscing and re-listening to Hotline Bling

These two have teamed up before on two tracks and I hope they do so again. I also hope they get married and have lots of babies.