Fit Friday inspiration: Jillian Michaels

About a month ago I was in LA for work and had the opportunity to interview Jillian Michaels to chat about her reality show, Just Jillian. We had an 8 minute interview slot together, but I could have easily chatted with her for hours; she is funny, witty, smart and being around her is simply inspiring. She truly believes in her cause of helping people be the healthiest versions of themselves, to achieve greatness and to appreciate the little moments. 

Not to mention, she has built quite the name for herself as a fitness mogul and entrepreneur; with multiple books, DVDs, fitness apparel, nutritional supplements and gracing the cover of multiple magazines - she really does it all. People look up to her for advice on fitness, nutrition, overall outlook on life, BUT after interviewing her at the E! International Press Junket in LA last month and watching her series, Just Jillian, there is a lot more to her than people might think. The tough trainer let's viewers into her personal life, and she does not hold back. Watch the two videos below to see what I mean.  

Trailer for her new show - 

My interview with Jill and her business partner Giancarlo - 

14 animals. 2 kids. 1 partner. And an empire. NBD. 

In LA I hooked up with the NTC community and did a workout with their crew bright and early on a Saturday morning, OUTSIDE, in January, with palm trees all around. Jillian would have been proud. When I travel for work, I try to still get my workouts in, when my schedule permits. If you can manage it, get out there and do a drop-in at a studio, or go for a run with that city's run crew - it's a great way to check out the city, meet some people and then you can enjoy a nice glass of vino guilt-free! 

What you can't see in the above photo is that our hands were actually covered in mud and wet grass (gross), so every time we high-fived while holding a plank, murky water would splash onto us (grosser). 

1.9 NTC-32.jpg

Not going to lie, I think my old Taekwondo instructor would be impressed I can still kick that high! 

After jogging to our workout location, doing a H.I.I.T session and jogging back to home base at The Grove, we stretched and headed our separate ways - all before 10am! The rest of my day consisted of spending way too much money at Trader Joes, scouring LA for a cheap piece of luggage to stuff my broken one into and hitting up Joan's on Third for some yummy eats and star gazing. 

I'd love to hear your stories on how to try to stay fit on the road!