Fit Friday inspiration: Brooke Burke

Life is a balancing act and this past week I struggled to balance it all -  my schedule was filled with lifestyle and entertainment shoots for E!, filling in to co-host Discovery Channel's Daily Planet, a photoshoot for our upcoming special called It List California, work outs and I managed to squeeze in some quality time with friends. Which, truth be told, are some of my favourite things in life to be busy with but something had to give and the blog was ignored which means... I completely forgot to share a Fit Friday post. 

Brooke Burke is a mom of 4, a well-known TV personality, (anyone remember Wild On?), not to mention she recently launched a line of fitness apparel and she's also a fitness instructor in Malibu. We met for the first time last month in Toronto and instantly connected over our love of fitness and how great it is to be a woman today. We also touched on how tough the "balancing act" can be, when you're trying to be many things to many people, and especially to yourself. 

Here's some of our chat - 

After our interview, we continued chatting about life & fitness and she invited me to join her the next day for a yoga class. Obviously, I said yes. It's one thing to get along with someone when it's your job and there are cameras rolling, it's another to get along when there's no blinking red light, no TV make-up and no talking points to get across to make the publicists happy. Brooke was one of those interviews where it didn't feel like a Q&A for even a second, but instead, every interaction felt like a genuine conversation. We had a great session the next day and have stayed in touch since. 

Of course we had to capture the moment for social media... 

Of course we had to capture the moment for social media... 

Oh - and another reason why last week was so nuts is because I flew out at the crack of dawn on Saturday for LA. We're shooting a half hour special for E! where we'll be glamping across the sunshine state. Stay tuned for tell-all diary entries! 

As I play catch-up with my blog responsibilities, this photo below of me looking calm, slightly childish (what 28 year old rocks side ponytails?), and in the moment; is exactly what I need to remember next time life gets crazy and the balancing act starts to teeter-totter and sway.