Fit Friday: Working out on the road

Hi from Cali! 

We are shooting a cross-California special for E! all about the ultimate places to glamp in the sunshine state, it's been a ridiculous adventure so far and we still have a ways to go - I've been on the road since the 5th and won't be back to the ol' Canadian country until the 17th. Anyone who's worked like this knows that keeping a fitness routine and healthy eating habits up when every night is spent in a different city, is tough sh*t. Long (although amazing) shoot days deserve to be celebrated with a little vino and usually eating happens on the fly... Add all that up and trying to be true to my mantra of #healthyishot is tres difficile. 

Everything goes a bit haywire on the road but overall it's been healthy and I've found that working out early (6am or earlier) is the secret to #healthyishot on the road. In LA I got my fitness on in the gym, in Santa Barbara I went for an afternoon bike ride, an early morning jog on the beach in some city (they all start to blur) and today I hit the gym in Monterey with my crew (yay for our fit fam!). 

Bye bye for now. As soon as I'm back I'll divulge all of my adventures!!