Coconut Oil Coffee

1. Coffee is the best. I'm a monster without it. 

2. Coconut oil for the win. Always. 

On one of my recent visits to Montreal to visit the boy & puppy I was treated to a delicious morning routine my other half had been doing daily: coconut oil coffee. In the past I've thrown a tablespoon of coconut oil into my morning cup of joe but I wasn't a huge fan of how oily it sat on the surface and felt very oily sip after sip and I remember thinking to myself... THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY! But then I probably got distracted and walked to work with my oily coffee in had. 

Drum roll please... The secret to the perfect coconut oil coffee is to BLEND it baby. Now, every morning starts with coffee + 1 tbsp coconut oil + 1 dash of vanilla extract + stevia. The coconut oil emulsifies and creates this gorgeous rich foam that feels extravagant and the hint of vanilla and sweetness makes my morning walk to work extremely enjoyable. Not only is it delicious, starting your day with a dose of coconut oil also has awesome benefits! 

  1. Speeds up metabolism (yes, please)
  2. Anti-viral (see ya later colds!) 
  3. Long-term energy because of those good-for-you fats

The only downside? I'm always bummed when I get to the last sip... It's THAT good.