What makes Canada great?

When people think of "Canada", a few things probably come to mind:

  1. The best damn maple syrup on the planet.
  2. People who apologize, a lot. (...even Justin Bieber has succumbed to his true Canadian spirit by singing is it too late now to say sorry?)
  3. The country with a very cute leader

Now, obviously we are a lot MORE than that, but one thing I want to shout from the rooftops is that Canada should also be recognized as a place that produces incredible fashion designers. Last Friday at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in downtown Toronto, the fashion industry came together to celebrate all the hard work that clothing & accessory designers, models, fashion bloggers, stylists and photographers have put in this past year at the 3rd annual CAFAs. It was a beautiful night filled with beautiful people. 

Guests adorned their bodies with Canadian fashion, pulling out all the stops and posing for cameras on the red carpet. Going to these events, especially one like the CAFAs, is a little scary because you know everyone is going to bring their best face forward with the perfect outfit to go with it. Having been last year, I knew that there would be a lot of floor-length gowns and bedazzled dresses... Neither of which are very me. Thankfully my good friend and stylist extraordinaire, Talia Brown, came to my rescue and pulled multiple Narces dresses for me to choose from. The only direction I offered up: a-lined and different (thank goodness she is amazing because that isn't much to go on). 

Photo by: George Pimentel | Dress by: Narces | Shoes by: H&M

Photo by: George Pimentel | Dress by: Narces | Shoes by: H&M

The night was filled with awkward & endearing thank you speeches, run-ins with industry people (including an impromptu photo-op with Madelyn Chung on top of a grand piano) and celebrity moments with Karlie Kloss (who is SO tall), Elle Macpherson, Sophie Gregoire-Trudea and Kim Cattrell who hosted the evening. 

Photographed by: Best of Toronto | Madelyn Chung wearing UNTTLD 

Photographed by: Best of Toronto | Madelyn Chung wearing UNTTLD 

Once the after-party kicked into high-gear, that was my cue to head home to comfy sweat pants and big mug of tea. I left with my weave in my purse (ratchet, I know), my feet sore from sky-high heels and my heart filled with Canadian pride. As someone who adores what fashion can do to a person's confidence, it is time we shine a light on Canadian fashion and support our home grown talent. A few of my favourites: Jenny Bird, Rudsak, Mackage, Greta Constantine, Narces, UNTTLD, Joe Fresh, Pink Tartan, Matthew Gallagher, Mikael Kale, the list goes on and on... 

Moral of the story: we have the best maple syrup, Justin Bieber could benefit from a few more apologies, our prime minister is a babe and we have ridiculously talented homegrown talent in the fashion industry.

Mic, dropped.