Why @healthyishott?

I want to start by saying that I love my job. 

But sometimes my day ends and I feel a little uncomfortable with how much attention was placed on me: make-up artists getting me glammed up, stylists helping me look the part, camera crews ensuring everything looks and sounds great, debriefing with the team on how it all went and often hitting up events and re-hashing all the adventures time and time again. 

I love it. But lately I've been feeling an itch to do something with a greater purpose, a little side project that focuses on a bigger picture, a bigger community, something not focused on me. Drum roll please... @HEALTHYISHOTT is now its' very own website, instagram page, twitter feed and eventually will also have a weekly podcast. Guys, it's stupid how excited I am about this project. 

"Healthy is hot" started as a hashtag 3 years ago during the MuchVJSearch when I stopped taking care of myself and realized my perception of beauty was ridiculously f*cked up. Fast-forward to the present and the goal is SO much bigger than that; it's to create a community of bad-ass babes (boys are also welcome, obviously) doing their thing, reaching & hustling for their dreams and living healthy, fit, positive lives. Let's shake things up, join the movement and tag @healthyishott in your posts, and use the hashtag #healthyishot to be a part of the change. 

Welcome to a new era. Welcome to a world where being healthy is the new hot.