Spring Cleaning: Make-up Edition

I don't know about you guys, but I have a love/hate relationship with spring cleaning; on one hand I love organizing (and re-organizing) but on the other hand I sometimes feel a little sad saying goodbye... Well, suck-it up princess, it's GOOD to give away and to clean-house. Ok back to today's blog post, this was inspired by a very real chat I had in the make-up chair with my make-up artist (and The Wilde Files contributor!), Nikki Strachan, about a funky smell a lipstick of mine had (ew) and about how to know when it's time to clean out your beauty bag. 

- Chloe Wilde

Spring…The season where we all have the urge to purge.

Whether it's our clothing, beauty habits, workout regimes, and even food…we ALL crave a little purge this time of year, which leads me into my next blog post: cleaning out your makeup bag, knowing what to ditch and what to keep! Real talk - before I was an artist in the industry I would have be considered a hoarder with my beauty products! If it still appeared to have life, it was staying in mine. Now I know better. Truth be told, as we should all know, our products do have a shelf life, and with that being said, NOW is the time to wipe out the old and swipe in the new.

How do you know when it's time to say bye?

  • If there is any type of foul smell to your products... THROW THEM OUT! This is a tell-tale sign that your product has gone bad. 
  • If you’re noticing irritated/itchy eyes or flakey product from your mascara falling on the face, it should be retired straight to the trash! RIP to any mascara bought before January. (3-4 month shelf life)
  • If you notice your powders (face powders, blush, blots, etc) leaving a dusty finish on your skin, then it is likely ready to be thrown out OR replaced with a product containing more hydration such as a Mineral Powder which contains no preservatives, fragrant, or emollients and waxes. 
  • For the Ladies who hold on to used once-use sponges… THROW THEM OUT after each time they’ve been used. They hold bacteria and continuing to use the same sponge after several uses will cause breakouts, and/or inconsistent coverage. 
  • If the lipstick or gloss smells….garbage time. 
  • And my classic favourite that we all do…is kohl eyeliner and/or brow pencil that is about the size of our pinky... LOL Ladies, if it can barely be sharpened. Toss it!

Happy cleaning! Next post I'll share fun spring make-up trends to try! 

- Nikki Strachan