Fit Friday: Fight for your...

What motivates you? 

What kind of life do you want to live?

What kind of person do you want to be?

Will you ever stop reaching? 

It wasn't that long ago that my head was buried in textbooks and all I thought about were psychological studies and how the brain functioned... Now that it has been almost 3 years that I've been in the television industry my creative mind has been activated and a new way of thinking about the world has emerged. When my world was formal education, I saw life in a linear fashion; work hard semester after semester until my goals were achieved; honour roll every year in high school so that you get into your dream program at your dream University, work hard to complete your bachelors degree and sprinkle in some extracurriculars and volunteering, and you get a job, or continue and get a Masters degree... Now that those confines have disappeared, through trial and error, through living and being the subject of my very own social psychology experiment, I'm realizing that life is much more of a multi-pronged approach; there are many ways to achieve your dreams, it is ok to have many dreams, crazy and wild big dreams that excite and scare you and most importantly life is fluid. The fluidity of life freaks the shit out of me. It's also what pushes me to do more, be more and reach for more. 

Lately I've been contemplating something Dina Pugliese shared on social media from her talk at Humber College, "work hard, be kind (but not a pushover) and surround yourself with positive people and your goals will be achieved." As someone who often gets boxed in a "cute & nice" category, I worry about the negative consequences that might have on my longevity in this career and my ability to go after what I want. Being kind to others is in my nature, but at what point do I fall into pushover-territory? ...Not sure I have the answer to that one, yet. 

Life is about baby steps, right?

In the words of Dina, I will continue to work hard, be kind and surround myself with positive people to hopefully achieve my goals. On days where my eyes can't seem to stop welling up with water or where anxiety creeps up on me and makes my heart race, the best remedy is hitting the gym with people who are rays of sunshine in my life. This week I went to Big Hit Studios with gal pals Meghan and Alyssa and we let LOOSE on Bob (body opponent bag). Poor Bob... now there's a guy who needs a pat on the back (instead of a punch to the face). We all left high on life, soaked in sweat and excited to go back for another killer workout. 

FIGHT for what you believe in. FIGHT for your place in this world.