Whale Watching in California

ITLIST: California airs very soon, so pull out your iphone, set a reminder, organize your PVR and mark your calendars my friends! It all goes down May 23rd at 10pm on E!. 

After getting tips & tricks on how to look fabulous while glamping from celebrity stylist Joe Zee in Los Angeles, we headed north to our next destination; Santa Barbara. Not only is this Katy Perry's hometown, but also our first glamping stop on my IT LIST. El Capitan Canyon was our home for the night and we bunked in a gorgeous cabin on its' own private hilltop overlooking amazing views. We BBQd, made s'mores (obviously), sat in awe with craned necks at how bright the stars were and slept like kings and queens. The following morning I woke up more excited than a kid at Christmas because we were going WHALE WATCHING. 

We said goodbye to our gorgeous cabin and headed to the Santa Barbara Harbour for our day with the whales, the sky was a beautiful blue as far as the eye could see. Once on our boat, we set sail and headed out onto the ocean in search of our new friends. After grabbing an obligatory selfie, it didn't take long before our captain shouted, "whales at 3-o-clock"! Wish I had photos to show you, but I was in pure amazement and very much in the moment

A few things I learned that day:

1. The sun is mighty strong when you're on the water. Wear sunscreen. Or you'll be a bright red lobster with awkward tan lines for your future shoots.

2. When on a boat, it is 100% accepted (and expected) to pretend that you're Kate and Leo from The Titanic and do the classic pose at the front of the ship. It's not quite as cool when you're solo and there's no Leo in sight...

3. Driving a boat should be left to professionals.

4. Ginger chews are not only delicious but allow you to be a classy lady and keep your breakfast to yourself.Whale watching takes patience. They swim in pairs and can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes, so get out your stopwatch and be ready!

All in all, a fantastic day.

Make sure to tune in on May 23rd at 10pm on E! to watch my entire adventure.