Caffeine fix: Ireland

Two things in life I'll never tire of: coffee & love stories. 

The #WildeAbroad adventures continue! This morning I woke up to the sun shining through the windows in our rental apartment in Salthill, Ireland; a stark contrast to the dark grey skies and misty rain that had filled the previous days, and I could not wait to walk around and get coffee at a local cafe to fill my fix.

My name is Chloe, and I am a caffeine-addict.

With a bright pink sign and enticing smells of baked goods and freshly ground coffee beans, I found myself at Gourmet Tart Co., feeling right at home. 

Gourmet Tart Co. is not only filled with delectable tartlets to satisfy every sugar craving under the sun or instagrammable moments throughout the space, it also has an origin story that is "awwww"-worthy. 

It was founded by a husband and wife duo who quit their day jobs after travelling a year abroad left them feeling culinarily-inspired. Five years later they have five locations in Galway and four children to test-taste all of their creations. 

Lovebirds turned entrepreneurs? Into it.