#WildeAbroad in Chicago

CHI-TOWN was lit last weekend. 

We danced like nobody was watching at the wedding (even though cameras were everywhere snapping our awkward moves throughout the night), we indulged in deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's (YUM) and I am pretty sure I ate my body weight in Chicago-mix popcorn. Needless to say, LIVING was in full effect and diets were thrown out the window. 

An even bigger bonus than a full tummy and groovin' until the wee hours of the morning? I managed to get the boy in a photo. He must love me. Photos are not his jam.

It's becoming a bit of a habit that anytime this little Wilde-lady goes abroad, I rent a bike and explore the city. While the boy was busy doing groomsmen duties, my roommate (who happens to be the boys' sister) and I rented bikes and explore Chi-town in all of it's humid-filled glory. Chicago has an insane waterfront; you can bike for miles, swim safely, tan on man-made beaches and sip cocktails at the various tiki-inspired spots along the water. Obviously, we had to make our way to the big silver bean. If I'm being honest, I don't quite understand it, but I love it. Way more than when Justin Bieber had a chrome car

Friday was family day. Saturday was the bike adventure followed by drunken shenanigans at the wedding. Sunday was... rough, but we managed to get our butts out of bed for a stroll along the water, with a coffee in hand (and advil in our bodies) to soak it all up before sitting in a plane with recycled air and crying babies. 

RECAP: I loved it. I can't wait to go back.