5 hours in NYC

I think there is a lot of value in adopting a yes-personality at work (if your life permits it).  My life isn't filled with kids yet so I can drop everything at the drop of a dime and head to the airport.  On a Monday evening a few weeks back I found out I had to fly to New York less than 48hours later to interview Questlove & Black Thought and the angle was all about food, culinary jam sessions and synesthesia. Yes, yes and yes. 

Artists + food + a little science thrown in for good measure? Sign me up. 
Classic airport steeze.

Classic airport steeze.

Left the house at 5am, arrived at home around 8:30pm that same day... Needless to say I was loopy, hungry and very tired when I got home. A friend of mine wrote me while I was en route to location, wishing me a fantastic day in the city that never sleeps,  to which I responded that I would probably be spending a total of 2 minutes outside on the streets of NYC; from the airport, to the car, down into the iconic Electric Lady Studios and straight back to the airport. Day shoots like these are fast & furious and I love them. 

Our shoot location was at the iconic  Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village., which unbeknownst to me was actually a nightclub back in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, until Jimi Hendrix bought it and turned it into a recording studio in 1968. Walking down the stairs to the basement where the studio is, I couldn't help but wonder what type of crazy shenanigans went down and wished the walls could talk and spill all of the saucy gossip. 

Questlove and Black Thought were absolute gems to talk to, we bonded over our love of free food and geeked out over the way that music can enhance any experience, especially a delicous meal. Want to see a clip from the interview? I got you

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