TIFF Fave 5: Moments

5 - Inside joke with the stars

This was a first for me, interviewing the same stars twice in one day; welcome to Etalk my friends, a team who works hard and works non-stop every single day, especially during TIFF. There I was, chatting with the star and director of United Kingdom, David Oyelowo and Amma Asante, and we were joking around how this movie is kind of like their baby and that that evening's world premiere was similar to a very live, and very public birth. When I saw them again that evening, I decided to take a chance and start my red carpet chat with a loud and very committed "happy birthday to your baby!".

Please note - they had probably done press with 20+ outlets after me and we had all changed outfits and hair styles. There was a probable chance they wouldn't recognize me and that my obnoxious opening line would fall incredibly flat...

Thank goodness, they did remember me (or they are excellent actors and played along as though they did). 

TIFF lesson: I'd rather be weird (hopefully memorable) than ordinary.
Every. Single. Time. 

4 - Cat-calling Nicole Kidman

I would just like to start by saying that under normal circumstances, I do not condone the act of "cat-calling." There has never been a moment in my life where a man (and yes, it it always a man) has yelled out from his car window at me with some ridiculous observation about my appearance where I felt anything but annoyance and anger. 

With that said, I am guilty of that very act.


TIFF is a festival that features hundreds of films from around the world and is a magnet that attracts and welcomes Hollywood's biggest names. It also hosts a slew of parties where even the top A-listers can't help but make an appearance at. One of those such soirees is the inaugural InStyle Party at the historic Windsor Arms in Toronto. After a very long day, my feet were hurting, I was tired and utterly unsure of what to expect at this so-called "it" party. Then, the stars started to arrive and the energy was electric. While some stars did press, quite a few walked right on by... 

When Nicole Kidman showed up in a maroon floor-length sequinned embellished gown and it was apparent she had no interest in doing press, I couldn't help myself and started calling out to her commenting on how beautiful she looked in a meagre attempt to get her attention... 

Dear men who cat-call like their lives depend on it: Nicole Kidman made me understand. 

3 - Bonding with Ethan Hawke

This man is INCREDIBLY talented, from hollywood epics to  heartfelt indies, his range is truly magnificent. To have 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with Ethan Hawke was one of the biggest highlights of the festival; he speaks with such passion it leaves a trail of its' effect long after he leaves the room. TIFF premiered the film "Maudie" where we see Ethan Hawke act alongside Sally Hawkins... Here's a clip: 

Oh, and we shared a moment on the couch. 

2 - F-Bomb during a Facebook live session with Nat Wolff

We live in a world where television is just one of the many places media can be seen, so the team at Etalk embraced that and did various "Facebook Live" sessions throughout the festival to give viewers a candid and raw look into our approach at covering the festival. One of these sessions was capturing what an un-cut interview looks/feels like during TIFF. My entire interview with Nat Wolff who stars in James Francos' "Indubious Battle" was captured and shared to 200,000+ people in all of its' raw-glory. Before we went live, I reminded Nat that we should avoid swearing, thinking that would be the right thing to do.

Well, I'm pretty sure I accidentally primed his brain to drop a swear word during our interview....

Which he did.

My bad. 

1 - Celebrating the end of TIFF

After 13 days of working 12+hr days... The best moment of the entire festival was realizing that WE DID IT! This was a fast & furious first month in my new job as a reporter for Etalk and I wouldn't trade it for the world. It was the best Etalk bootcamp a girl could ask for - in less than two weeks I did more assignments and worked with more producers than I could have every imagined and the best part? I survived.

Bring on the sweats.