New season, new chapter, new job.

Growing up in the countryside there was something magical about the onset of fall; being surrounded by vibrant colors, having the crisp cool air hit your cheeks, layering up to stay cozy... and being the nerd that I am, I loved fall because it meant going back to school.

Buying school supplies =  BOMB DIGGITY. 

Now that I am no longer a student, there may not be an official "first day" back to school, but I am still overwhelmed by this innate excitement and anticipation for what's to come. It seems that in the winter we work-out for our summer bodies, and as soon as summer hits we indulge and truly embody what it means to be living and we forget all about how hard we worked in the winter. Once summer is through, it's time to be adults, get our shit together be responsible (and also be nicer to our livers).  

Fall is the less in-your-face, less glitzy version of New years resolutions. 

The onset of a new season is not only the ideal time to treat yourself to a facial, it's also a great opportunity to get some perspective on how your year is going. Fall marks the 3/4 point of the year, which means we have 4 more months to continue working on being awesome and realizing those overly-ambitious New Year's resolutions we set 8 months prior. Take this time to take a step back and evaluate how 2016 is going for you, and feel free to start fresh on a clean canvas and set revised goals for the remainder of the year. One of my main goals for 2016 was to expand my skills and responsibilities in the world of television... Which is actually a bit bonkers to think about because a month ago almost to the day, I started a new chapter in my career by joining Etalk as their newest reporter. BONKERS.

Let's all check in with our resolutions and channel that "first day of school" excitement for the rest of 2016 and slay our way to awesomeness.