Beauty buzz: Falling in love with fall

My make-up artist and I were chit-chatting in the chair earlier this week, both hesitant to accept that summer has finally drawn to a close and that colder weather is undoubtedly approaching, until we both fan-girl'd over our love of dark lipsticks, cozy layers and hot cider and realized that fall ain't so bad.

This month's beauty buzz post is Nikki's advice on how to be on trend this season. 

- Chloe

Now that summer has sadly come to end we are forced to welcome autumn with open arms…OR as I like to think about it, we welcome fall beauty trends with open arms. Time to play up those eyes ladies and bat those lashes…Fall has officially arrived!! 

I have a feeling early 00’s makeup might be making a comeback. Here are a few trends and tricks I have for quick, easy beautiful fall beauty makeup… 

1- Metallic Shadows

If anyone tuned in for London Fashion week then you will know that metallic lids were a bold, strong and sleek statement! Rich emeralds, navy, and silvers all made an appearance on the runway. I recommend trying shadow sticks, look for a product that is creamy and moveable. For a more dramatic look, rim the entire eye and smudge with either your finger or a brush. Another alternative to this approach would be coloured shadows like rose gold, burnt orange, even raspberry. 

2 - Deep, Rich Lips

Usually us fall beauty lovers play the lip game strong and safe. Deep plums, vampy stains, and maroon shades always scream FALL. This year I am totally feeling two variations of this type of lip: a moisturising, even sightly glossy raspberry lip OR a muted stained neutral lip. My favourite approach to a good berry/neutral lip is to stain the lips first with a killer creamy long wear lipliner. *Remember you have the control whether you want a rich look or a more subtle look. Once you’re happy with the tone, add a hydrating balm(for a more natural look or a gloss for a more plumping appearance) Easy Peasy!! 

- Nikki