Monday Music with Marian Hill

Fell down the rabbit hole this weekend listening to Marian Hill and their mesmerizing tracks. This is an American trio that fuses jazz, heavy bass and hypnotizing vocals beautifully, and that combination is on full display in their debut album, Act One, which is out now. 

My ankle is still giving me a lot of trouble, which has been trying on my mental health... Fitness and being active is the way I stay grounded and deal with anxieties, and without it I feel scattered and a bit frantic. Saturday I decided to clean house and to be as active as I could without putting too much stress on this pesky ankle and that's when Marian Hill crept into my world and soothed me to my core as I was vacuuming, dusting and doing all the other glamorous components of cleaning. (Can someone create a self-cleaning toilet PLEASE??) 

You don't need to be on your hands and knees scrubbing the floors to enjoy Marian Hill, so get your headphones ready as you sit at your desk and fall down the rabbit hole with me into a magical place where jazz and bass meet. 

Marian hill - One Time