Music Mondays: Twenty One Pilots

Momentous first on this music monday's post for Ohio based duo Twenty One Pilots, they can officially shout from the rooftops that they have a track in the top 10 of the Hot 100.  

Not to mention they officially knocked Adele's "Hello" from the #2 spot on the itunes chart... Stressed Out now sits at #2 behind Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself".


Stressed Out - 

As an alt-rock teenager, I find these guys a refreshing presence in what seems to be a pop-focused music industry, plus they just seem like they'd be super fun to hang out with;  their video for Stressed Out looks mega-childish and mega-fantastic. Let's take a cue from the boys and find the time and moments to PLAY again. 

First heard of these guys on the radio, since "Stressed Out" plays ALL the time. Usually I get aggravated really quickly when radio stations play the same songs over and over, but not with this particular song. Eventually, I gave their album a listen, and couldn't stop. Now I have them on repeat, a lot. There's a mishmash of elements: screamo, rap, spoken-word, synths, live drums, keys and lyrics that have plenty of meaning between the lines. Very into them and can't wait to check them out when they come to Toronto on June 7th. 

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