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Healthy is Hot



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"Healthy Is Hot" Was Born In A Reality Show (No Joke).

In 2013, I Was A Part Of A Canadian Series Where MuchMusic Was On The Hunt For Their Next VJ; Being On The Road For A Month Combined With Crazy Amounts Of Stress That I Was Going To Screw Up And Be Sent Home Threw Me On A Downward Spiral Of Not Eating Well. There Was A Moment Where I Realized How Bad I Was Being To My Body And Decided To Take Back Some Control - I Went To The Gym And Used The Hashtag #HealthyisHot For The Very First Time. Fast Forward 3 Years And We Are Here. With Social Media Being As Pervasive As It Is, With Models Who Look Nothing Like The Average Person, Let's Shake Things Up And Promote HEALTHY As The New HOT. 

This Is A Community For Everyone Wanting To Be Their Best Selves; We Aren't Perfect, We Aren't Know-It-Alls And We Definitely Like The Occasional Glass Of Vino. We Are Real, Raw, Sassy And Ready To Shake Things Up To Create A Safe, Supportive Space Where We Promote Self-Love, Open Discussions About Difficult Subjects, And Tips & Tricks On Living Your Best Life. Interested In Writing For Us? Let Us Know At Healthyishotsocial@Gmail.Com 

Chloe Wilde